Stephanie Schorow and Beverly Ford. Photo by Renee DeKona.

Bev Ford and Steph Schorow are freelance writers in the Boston area who joined talents to produce a primer about Boston’s underworld. Bev is an investigative journalist, a former police beat reporter and an indefatigable digger of facts. Steph is an all-purpose freelancer, and the author of a number of books on Boston history — see her web site at www.stephanieschorow.com. Together — working into the wee hours of the night (Typical text: “R U still Up?”) — the pair worked to create a sharp, crisp rundown of some of the gangsters, mobsters and bad boys who walked the city on the hill and environs. The Boston Mob Guide, published in December 2011 by The History Press, includes historical and contemporary photos (taken by both Bev and Steph) and a rundown of some of the famous gangster movies filmed in Boston. At 150 pages, the book couldn’t possibly cover every mobsters or hit in Boston; we hope this blog can be used to supplement the book with stories from the public.


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